Machine Servicing & Repairs: What is a ‘full service’?

When we fully service your machine, all of the covers are stripped and removed, all internal parts are cleaned of debris, and we oil and grease the internal mechanisms at key points. Additionally, we adjust the timing of the top and bottom shaft – and reset your tensions to make sure you’re getting a perfect stitch. After that, we test the features and functions on your machine – like the needle threader, scissor trim and bobbin winder – to make sure everything is behaving as it should. For more comprehensive details, read more below:

The following steps are taken to make sure your machine is purring when it goes back home!

* The bobbin cover and needle plate is removed, and all of the covers are taken away from the bottom of the machine – this allows us to use an air compressor to remove all lint, dust and stray threads from the inner workings. Once everything is free of debris, we oil and grease specific points where it is required.

* We then inspect your bobbin case and needle plate for any signs of needle strikes or ‘burrs’ – where possible, these are buffed and polished away so that everything is a smooth surface again. The bobbin case is also checked for any stray fluff or lint that may be affecting the tensions, and cleaned accordingly.

* At this stage, we inspect your machine timing between the top and bottom shaft (or, the needle and the bottom hook.) If this is even slightly out by a millimetre, it can cause irregular stitches and even damage your machine! If the timing requires an amendment, we adjust this accordingly for you.

* After that, we move on to the top shaft area of your machine. Again, we remove the covers from this area and clean for any debris like lint, dust and threads — once this area is clean, we oil and lubricate where required.

* The needle is changed, and a new bobbin is wound – we test and check your bobbin winder at this point.

* We then thread the top of your machine down to the needle. If your machine does have a needle threader, we test this 15 times to make sure that it threads every single time.

* We sew a small piece of test fabric, and use this sample to adjust the top and bottom tensions accordingly for you. Once the stitch is perfect, we put the machine through a range of stitch widths, lengths and styles to make sure that everything is working as it should internally.

* If your machine has a scissor-trim function, we sharpen the blades and then test this 15 times to make sure it cuts cleanly each and every time.

* The foot pedal is tested on high and low speeds to ensure all is working correctly.

* Finally, we then dust and clean all of the outer covers / chassis of your sewing machine. If your machine has a service stitch count, we reset this for you.

And then your machine is ready to go back home again. We offer a 3-month warranty period on all servicing and repairs — so, if there is any issue at all, you’re covered!